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Steelwind Traders

Lords of the Skies

Greenscale. Akylios. Maelforge. Laethys. Four of the six dragons of the Blood Storm lay vanquished by the hand of the Ascended. Four of the six have been defeated and rendered toothless...but the worst is yet to come. As Crucia and Regulos battle violently for control of Telara and its most precious resource, the Defiant and the Guardians have rallied under one banner to save their home, giving birth to new alliances.

Join the Steelwind Traders as they board their airship. Join the ranks of the Ascended who have tasked themselves with keeping the skies safe, opening previously untapped trading routes and engaging in aerial combat against the Storm Legion in a boon to the war effort. The Steelwind Traders are taking back the skies from the Storm Queen in anyway they can. Join today, and help reclaim the sky.

Guild News

Preparing to Raid

Emalie, Jan 25, 13 3:05 PM.
Hey, everyone!

Just a quick reminder that the Steelwind Traders are amping up to begin raiding in the very near future and so Emalie needs to round everyone up and take a tally, as it were. Please send her mail with your interest level, preferred role, gear levels, etc, so we can get this all on track.

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